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The basics of creating a chart using logship charts!


Logship charting uses Kusto queries over the backend metris or logs data to produce charts.

Logship Charts screenshot

Charts are built using queries like this one:

| where PreciseTimestamp > {startTime}
| where PreciseTimestamp < {endTime}
| where processname contains 'logship'
| project PreciseTimestamp, machinename, processname, average

The charts will graph the first available "number" value in your query result ('average' in the example above). And MUST contain the "PreciseTimestamp" field. Each unique set of tags will graph an individual series, or line on your chart.


Parameters allow you to link queries to controllable fields on the UI. The {startTime} and {endTime} values will always be available, and are tied to the time controls on the metrics page.