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· One min read

It's a big day for us here at the ship, because you're no longer stuck to our bespoke user interface. Grafana is now be exposed by default on Logship deployments.

Try out the query explorer! Or check out our demo dashboard!

Be warned, that this feature is brand new and there are some quirks. Charts don't really work yet... you can create one, but there are some funky issues with multiple series. Our engineers are on it.

Grafana Explore

Grafana Dashboard

· One min read

Welcome to the new logship website. Logship is officially ready to start raising money to further invest into the development of this product offering.


Logship's distributed query architecture allows for infinite scale of massive data problems. Explore the largest datasets with as much infrastructure you can throw at the problem.


Thanks for considering logship.


· One min read

Welcome to the main webpage of logship. There isn't much content here yet. But ohhhhh there will be.

What is the ship?

Logship is a metrics and logs collector / aggregator. The coming series of blob posts will describe the architecture and the reasoning behind entering the business. The driving push to building logship, is to provided businesses a cost effective, convenient way to collect their metrics without relying on expensive cloud providers. We'll provide the software, you deploy it to your own infrastructure.


The initial service is still a work in progress, but here's our first glorious screeshot.

Metrics Page screenshot