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Metric aggregation for the masses

Collect, amass, and search your data securely on your own servers.


Make data-driven decisions.

Search, Chart, and Alert so that you can make the best choices for your business.


Take control of your data.

Nothing leaves your network unless you want it to. Hosted on-premise or in the cloud, the power is in your hands.


Scale as you grow.

Pull in as many logs and metrics as your infrastructure can handle. Expand to fill your needs as you improve your infrastructure.


Query anything, query everything.

Using the Kusto Query Language you can search, chart, and alert on any of your metrics and logs. If it's collected, you can search it.


Collect with confidence.

Our agent will soon be open-source and built securely in rust. Collect your logs and metrics with low overhead, ensuring you get the best possible performance out of your applications.


What a great idea!

Peter Sulucz.


We need funding. Please... I'm so hungry

Adam Sulucz.

Start collecting your metrics asap!